Hello New Moms,

Motherhood is very great experiences which can’t be explained in words. When you become a new mom you just not only have to take care of your baby but also of yourself as well. We all know very well if your body do not recover during this period then that pain will remain forever. So this post will help you to take great foods that will recover your body fully after cesarean delivery.

please check the list here –

  1. Laddoo of nuts.
  2. Peepal
  3. Posta
  4. Milk with dalia
  5. Khichadi of mung daal and dalia
  6. Vegetable soups
  7. Smooothy (milk and fruits)
  8. Daal
  9. Upma, idli, savai (in breakfast)
  10. Halva with less ghee.
  11. jeera (that increase breastmilk)